What makes us unique

Unlike many sustainable services Action Now designs and implements projects using an integrated holistic approach, which incorporates the individual human element as well as a deep connection with natural systems.


Ethical design

We embrace three fundamental ethical design principles:


We see each to be a vital cornerstone of a positive sustainable approach to social environmental design. They provide a framework for the three sets of green and sustainable development services that we offer. Each one applies equally to our nine service areas. 


We offer a carefully optimised return on sustainable development, delivered through best practices, people and systems.


Our toolset is designed to to support long term sustainability, not just provide a short term band-aid solution. In this way our results deliver an on-going evolutionary process over time, improving and enhancing the environment and project goals.

We offer a complete turnkey service for delivering robust, integrated sustainable solutions to our clients.

We think out of the box, and understand that not every solution has a simple path to success.

Our overall strategy relies heavily on an ethical foundation which is the core of our approach to sustainable development. This ensures that our clients benefit from a pragmatic and straightforward approach to improving project deliverables, while maintaining quality standards at every level.

Everything we do at Action Now is underpinned by ongoing, considered research and insight into our client’s needs, local policy, cost-effectiveness and efficiency – allowing us to deliver fully optimised results that are always bang on target.