The Remakery is a project partner that supports Action Now, working together towards Lambeth borough's sustainability objectives.

The Remakery is a community-share workspace based in Brixton, South London.  The Remakery is a unique project: a centre for learning, making and sparking new business ideas, based on making eco designs, and green products and projects that advance reuse and renewable resource service systems, business's and skills.

A number of Action Now Staff are active members of The Remakery.  Over the past two years we have provided site management, cost estimation on building works as well as designing and building green products and delivering green infrastructure services with local people and members.

We will continue to work with local residents, helping support people with different needs, engaging, making and learning through the medium of reuse and renewable resource design and construction.

The Remakey already provides multiple services in green skills and job provision. Working in Lambeth to delivery sustainability, it is a community build that provides processed reusable materials, workshops facilitation, tool sharing membership, business incubation and business development

People and Places

Directly targeting persons who may benefit from additional skills, while assisting with the steps for building sustainable communities. Projects are designed to have “a long-term beneficial impact on the future of individuals, groups of individuals, organizations and Lambeth as a whole.

Remakery naturally fits in with sustainability objectives through a matrix format that aims to help with issues that full within baseline statistics of Lambeth Borough.

Moving forward

We have already taken on a number of social projects that were offered to The Remakery. We will be using the Remakery to build green products and help to provide the waste streams that can be used by it’s members.