Our Team

This is us! The people who run Action Now.

We're justifiably proud of the first class team of people we've brought together who bring our vision to life. Our directors, senior staff and dedicated workforce are committed to delivering the kind of ethical, community changing ecological programmes that our customers expect.  Along with our partners, this ensures we can take advantage of the shared knowledge and wisdom of some of the most insightful people in the eco community world.


Jake Cingel

Senior Managing Director (Founder)
Strategy and Development

Jake’s fifteen year track record in managing sustainable, eco-centric community projects is underpinned by a deep passion and focus on all aspects of community welfare. He also brings a wealth of experience in handling cross-functional teams, as well as a commitment to supporting the sustainable design ethos which is essential for building a new and more balanced future for our cities. The Action Now vision he has created builds on this success, offering a new and different approach to delivering best in class solutions for sustainable inner city regeneration. 


Ruth Oppam

Senior Managing Director 
Socio-economic sustainability and international development

Ruth oversees the environmental and sustainability goals used to deliver customer requirements. Her role in measuring the cost-benefit of each project relies on a solid understanding of the realities of sustainable design in all its aspects. She is also fully committed to social development, and is an active participant in improving community welfare and social development policies. She regularly collaborates and advises government and international organisations on environmental issues, including the promotion of better healthcare, and the reduction of health inequalities through structured community programs.


Tony Sanders

Senior Managing Director 
Course and Construction

Tony is the Course Director for Action Now (and Constructing Your Future) and manages course procurement for both our workforce and  clients. He has over thirty years experience in course development, delivery assessment and verification within the educational, vocational, construction and sports and leisure sectors. Tony is an accredited trainer with Ascentis, and is an Ex CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) co-ordinator of on-site programs within the construction sector. Tony's unrivalled expertise and unique approach is ideally suited to aiding employer led initiatives for improved training and education in the sustainable disciplines.

Suki Fuller

Head of Strategy
Sustainable Procurement and Partnerships

Suki oversees client acquisition and business development, including procurement, implementation of policy and monitoring Action Now's operational performance. 

Suki brings extensive experience in consulting and a holistic approach to organisational strategy, business transformation, client engagement and financial acquisition, within a broader context of sustainable business practices. She is committed to the development of cross sector partnerships and the integration of collaborative workspaces to improve community programs in general.


Skevi Farazi

Architect and Planner
Head of Design and Planning

Skevi received her Diploma in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens, and developed a fifteen year architectural practice in Cyprus before moving in London. She has experience in diverse portfolio such as public and residential buildings, interior and open spaces, exhibition and furniture design. She has received several awards and distinctions for her projects, among those a UIA International Special Prize and a Mies van der Rohe nomination. Skevi has also been a lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Interior Design of University of Nicosia in Cyprus, and has organised numerous workshops, exhibitions and presentations covering architecture, theatre and museology. 


Victor Ovalle

Civil Engineering
Project Management and Costing

Victor is an experienced quantity surveyor specialising in cost estimation and project management, with solid experience at various management levels and a proven ability to successfully tender for high-value bids. He comes to Action Now! with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the construction trade and cost-estimating packages, balanced with a high appreciation for teamwork, human interaction and communication.  Having acquired most of his professional experience in Latin America, he is now looking to put this long experience into practice in the UK.


Tammy Crawford-Rolt

Environment Design
Community Facilitator and Spatial Design

Tammy has a post-graduate background in BA Arts, Design and Environment (spatial design). She has significant observational skills in land design and in gauging building capacity, which comes from her work helping communities with design for use in open space and community facilities. 

She has an impressive understanding of socio-ecology and a love for meeting and working with people with various skills and interest. And she loves a challenge!


Richard Kelly

Construction Management
Site Manager and Operations

Richard has over thirty years experience within the construction industry and is hands on in overseeing Action Now's workforce. He comes to us with a great background in assessment expertise, and an ability to identify project aspects such as dilapidation and energy loss. He also brings a considerable level of motivation and team communication, which ensures excellent operational management. His skillset gives Action Now the scope it needs to take on lead development projects with confidence. 


Debbie Evershed

Product Design
Head of Product, Training and Design

Debbie has a background in industrial product design, having trained at South Bank University. She has a wonderful grasp of design and model structure technology along with valuable skills in computer aided design technology, materials and manufacturing. She recently won a platinum award from the British Ideas and Invention Show - delivering an innovative urban garden design, the Frog Brackit. Debbie is a Green Product designer and Green Skills accreditation tutor. She also comes to us with ten years background in management services - training offenders to use workshop machines, and managing the health and safety of machinery use.


Martin Abraham

Training Director
Head of Training and Energy Auditing

Martin has spent the last five years supplying domestic and commercial energy auditing, and energy efficiency services throughout London. Martin provides the skills, knowledge and training in many of these key areas which are crucial to the construction industry. He has also developed an in-house training schedule for our workforce, which is part of induction and on-going training. Martin's background is in retrofitted solar system installation, which can be deployed in a number of scenarios, including domestic, community, schools and public buildings.

Andrea Naef

Furniture Maker
Sustainable Product Design

Andrea is a trained furniture maker with an eye for detail and great design. She is skilled in sourcing and using recycled material to produce furniture pieces to the highest standard, applying both traditional and modern methods. As one of the directors at the Remakery, she has experience in team building and project management as well as working with volunteers. She loves working with people from different backgrounds, by creating an inclusive environment and communication processes that enables all those participating to actively engage in and contribute to the project.

Sophie Osterholzer

Business Planner
Social Enterprise and Startup Industries

Sophie graduated from the University of Sussex where she studied International Business and spent time volunteering within social enterprises. Sophie has a broad range of business skills, with strengths in project planning, impact and evaluation, public relations, social media and market research. 

Sophie spent six years of her childhood in India and now has a passion for culture, diversity and people. A confident individual and great team player, she brings motivation, enthusiasm and fresh ideas.