What we do

We provide a unique network of eco-services, incorporating integrated design, construction and ethical systems development.

We offer multidisciplinary support tailored to our client's sustainable development needs, including consultancy, problem solving and strategic implementation.


What makes us unique

Unlike many sustainable services Action Now designs and implements projects using an integrated holistic approach, which incorporates the individual human element as well as a deep connection with natural systems.


Ethical design

We embrace three fundamental ethical design principles:


We see each to be a vital cornerstone of a positive sustainable approach to social environmental design. They provide a framework for the three sets of green and sustainable development services that we offer. Each one applies equally to our nine service areas. 


We offer a carefully optimised return on sustainable development, delivered through best practices, people and systems.


Our toolset is designed to to support long term sustainability, not just provide a short term band-aid solution. In this way our results deliver an on-going evolutionary process over time, improving and enhancing the environment and project goals.

We offer a complete turnkey service for delivering robust, integrated sustainable solutions to our clients.

We think out of the box, and understand that not every solution has a simple path to success.

Our overall strategy relies heavily on an ethical foundation which is the core of our approach to sustainable development. This ensures that our clients benefit from a pragmatic and straightforward approach to improving project deliverables, while maintaining quality standards at every level.

Everything we do at Action Now is underpinned by ongoing, considered research and insight into our client’s needs, local policy, cost-effectiveness and efficiency – allowing us to deliver fully optimised results that are always bang on target.

Our Ethical Commitment

Profit is not enough, we all need to look to a future which combines the practicalities of urban living, with the caring and nurturing power of nature. Our children's happiness and security depend on it.

Ethical enterprises see the overarching benefits of adopting a greener, cleaner approach for community design, and we're there to help deliver on this vision. Our listed services bring eco development to life, crafting a different dimension to building, place and people. We build sustainable communities that last. Happy spaces, with healthier, more balanced outcomes which reflect powerfully on the inner being.

Our total commitment to ethical processes ensures that every project delivers unrivalled value, which delights our clients and the community at large.

Our team

Our team is proud of the way it brings green and sustainable development services to households, businesses, developers and councils. We supply social environmental design & build to places like gardens and open spaces, dwellings, businesses and communities.

As well as environmental and consultation services on green issues, we offer a wide range of sustainable solutions to local authorities and councils that maximise the benefits for all the communities we touch.

Whether delivering independent style construction services, green training and architecture, or as a holistic supplier of low impact deliverables, we offer a truly innovative and best of breed set of sustainable development services.

Action Now’s strategy and planning team bring together a blend of architects, project managers, facilitators, tradespeople as well as trainers, ecologists, environmentalists, culture and well-being specialists.