Environment Management is a process used by industries, companies and individuals to help regulate the environmental impact on the natural world. 

We provide Environment systems, training, consultation and help facilitate management programmes for low impact assessment, building and retrofit; helping to advance steps to be taken by all given stakeholders. Delivering environmental management services through a number of programmes.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability is a green economical way for making decisions that minimise carbon emissions while providing cost-effectiveness.

Our tools and services support the process of responsible decision making that helps reduce negative impact on the environment.


Key Services in Environment 

Resource Management
Impact Assessment (EIA)
Modelling and Analysis
Climate Mitigation Strategies

Management System & Planning (EMS)
Energy efficient systems
Impact and accounting
Performance of building systems

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Photovoltaic workshop

As part of our Green skills training programme we provide accredited green training.

Working with community groups our core training team have provided community-led environmental sustainability with local stakeholders. A number of people linked with Action Now have been providing practicalities in environmental engineering.

PV workshops introduce people to environmental solutions. Building pathways and delivery plans for further education. Taking people through a step by step guide towards needed skills.