Eco Design

Eco Design is a system design and ecological friendly process, where part or whole of the delivery benefits sustainable targets through resources or climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Organic or Monsanto, design affects every area in life. Like a surgeon knows the body, so a designer should know the effect their scalpel will have on the planet and social interactions. 

Key Services in Eco Design

New design and technology
Electronic testing
CAD programming
3D printing
Industrial manufacturing
Sketch modelling
Ridge making

Green products and services
Skill sharing
Close-loop design and delivery
Bespoke design
Cost-effective products

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Design process

From concept to fit-out of products we look at sustainability objectives when designing for our clients. Our product designers work to make stuff provided either for a one off design and build or a production line of goods and services.

With the explosion of new technology in design, it is one of the fastest growth industries.  Arduino, for electronic testing, CAD programmes, and 3D printing all reduce development costs and are available like never before. As ever-evolving environments explore new ways of working, we find ourselves at the brink of a new design and development era.

Knowing the global effects that consumerism has on our environment and wanting to be part of the solution, we focus on sustainability to discover forever,  the harmony it takes for us to live with nature.  

Maybe pen power, imagination and action are all the tools we need to restore abundance on Earth.


Life-cycle accounting

Eco design projects directly service sustainability objectives, generated by looking for hidden opportunities within clients asset. 

We are a growing collective of designers and makers.  Our skills range from design thinking, engineering CAD, electronics,  to drawing, sketch model and rig making. 

We love a challenge and always get excited about enhancing our environment using smart responsible and ecological methods.


Who we work with

Working with Interior designers, architects and contractors to design, produce and fit-out ecodesign  We share a reuse workspace developing ecodesign and products. It’s through areas of sustainable and environmental design that eco-innovation and designs are born.