Action Now Explores The Limits Of Architecture Between Different Platforms Of Expression And Creativity.

Our approach is to provide supportive engagement for our clients through a balance of design, operational considerations, technical and budget. requirements.

Our goal is to assist our clients’ needs, support their objectives, and make a positive contribution to the community.


Key Services in Architecture

Site Surveys
Architecture Design

Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Sustainable Design
Historical Renovation and Retrofit

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When we focus on the wellbeing and balance of oneself we achieve the optimum balance in living space, weather this refers to furniture, exhibition, interior design or architecture. Renovations, extension or new build for public and residential buildings are all developed thoroughly from conception to final proposal and realisation.

Every aspect of design is approached with environmental sensitivity and awareness proposing structures and facilities for energy saving and sustainable methods.  Working together with the client we reach the most profound solutions tailored specifically to needs and objectives that will develop a unique approach for a healthy well being environment.

Exhibition Architecture
Design can be seen to have two elements: aesthetics and function. In other words, design (of any kind) can be influenced to varying degrees by the aesthetics or appearance of what you are trying to achieve; and/or by the function or purpose to be served by what you are trying to design
— Bill Mollison